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paxaa Pendare Karamade Sanate Aria (PAXAA)
General Machinery Design & Manufacturing

Cell: +98 910 729 2252
Calling Hours: 4:00 - 12:00 GMT
Email: sales@paxaa.com

Central office
Tel: +98 21 88 755 839
Fax: +98 21 88 519 387
Website: www.paxaa.com
Email: info@paxaa.com
Address: Unit 7, NO 30, Naqdi ST, North Sohrevardi ST, Tehran, IRAN

Machinery Shops
Tel: +98 31 3387 6470
Fax: +98 31 3387 6471
Email: mfg@paxaa.com
Address: NO 12, BLK 30, Ata al-Molk Blvd, Amirkabir Industrial District, Emam Khomeini Blvd, Esfahan, Iran

Manufacturing & Casting Shops
Tel: +98 912 333 4714
Fax: +98 31 4241 4677
Email: mfg@paxaa.com
Address: Sanat Blvd., Alavijeh Industrial Zone, Isfahan, Iran

Metal Fabrication & Assembly Shops
Tel: +98 913 229 2779
Fax: +98 31 33876471
Email: mfg@paxaa.com
Address: NO 3, 1st St, 107th St, Montazeriye Industrial Zone, Isfahan, Iran

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