Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator
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23 May 2014
Bucket Elevators are ideal for elevating a variety of bulk materials economically, efficiently and reliably. The two main type of Bucket Elevators are Centrifugal type and Continuous type.

Centrifugal Type Bucket Elevators
These elevators depend entirely on the action of centrifugal force to get the material into the discharge chute and must be run at speeds relatively high. Nearly all centrifugal discharge elevators have spaced buckets with rounded bottoms. They pick up their load from a boot, a pit, or a pile of material at the foot pulley.

Continuous Type Bucket Elevators
The buckets can be also triangular in cross section and set close to on the belt with little or no clearance between them. This is a continuous bucket elevator. Its main use is to carry difficult materials at slow speed.

Each elevator has three distinct sections:

Head Section:
Head section is of heavy gauge construction with easy access for maintenance The section is dust and weather tight. The head shaft is provided with antifriction bearing, discharge spout is provided with angular flange.

Boot Section:
Boot section is fabricated out of heavy gauge sheet metal. The section is dust and water tight and is provided with handy door for easy inspection of shaft and pulley Clean out slides are also incorporated.

Legging Section:
Legging section is either single or double legged depending on the requirements. The legging is in sections with suitable connecting flanges for perfect fit and alignment of sections. Doors are provided giving easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

There are several categoriews for elevators according to applications:

Double Legged (Heavy Duty) Bucket Elevators:
This is suitable for large Volume handling of grains, feeds etc. The elevator is self-supporting with extra large heads and boot pulleys. They are fabricated from heavy gauge steel and are dust and waterproof and with provision for easy clean out.

Galvanized (Light Duty) Bucket Elevators:
Fabricated from galvanized steel sheets, is of single leg construction. Extremely suitable for small feed mills and drives with capacity up to 20 t/hr. The elevator is with intake chutes, suitable discharge spouts, inspection door and cleanout in boot.

Cement Plant Bucket Elevators:
The se are usually centrifugal chain type bucket elevators with buckets mounted on a single strand of chain The buckets are normally a special combination of AA and continuous type bucket

Super Capacity Bucket Elevators
These are continuous chain type bucket elevators where buckets are mounted between two strands of chain SC bucket elevators are especially suitable for handling large capacities of friable, heavy or abrasive material in fines or lumps.

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