Pneumatic Conveying System

Every pneumatic system makes use of pipes or ducts in order to carry mixture of materials and a stream of air. These materials are such as dry pulverized or free flowing or light powdery materials like cement, fly ash etc. These materials can be transported conveniently to various destinations by means of a stream of high velocity air through pipe lines. Products are moved through various tubes via air pressure, allowing for extra vertical versatility.
Pneumatic conveyors are either carrier systems or dilute-phase systems; carrier systems simply push items from one entry point to one exit point. Dilute-phase systems use push-pull pressure to guide materials through various entry and/or exit points. It is important to note that either air compressors, vacuums, or blowers can be used to generate the air.
Suction or vacuum systems, utilizing a vacuum created in the pipeline to draw the material with the surrounding air, operates at a low pressure and is utilized mainly in conveying light free flowing materials.
Pressure-type systems, in which a positive pressure is used to push material from one point to the next, is ideal for conveying material from one loading point to a number of unloading points.
Combination systems, in which a suction system is used to convey material from a number of loading points and a pressure system, is employed to deliver it to a number of unloading points.