Baghouse Dust Collectors

A baghouse or fabric filter is an air pollution control device that removes particulates out of air or gas released from commercial or industrial processes.
Most baghouses use long, cylindrical bags made of woven or felted fabric as a filter medium. Dust-laden gas or air enters the baghouse through either the hopper or baghouse side wall. The gas is drawn through the bags, either on the inside or the outside depending on cleaning method, and a layer of dust accumulates on the filter media surface until air can no longer move through it. When sufficient pressure drop occurs, the cleaning process begins. Cleaning can take place while the baghouse is online or when it is offline. When the compartment is clean, normal filtering resumes.
Base on cleaning method, baghouses are classified into three main groups: A baghouse generally includes the following components:
PAXAA offers a complete line of dependable, rugged baghouse dust collectors to keep your operation running smoothly. Our baghouses include the following features:
  • Clean air bag access for easier bag service
  • Tool-free installation of bag filters and cages
  • Clean air plenum with top-bag removal
  • Heavy-duty ribbed housing construction
  • Carbon steel design
  • Inlet baffle to protect filter bags from abrasion
  • Polyester felt snap-in bags
  • Galvanized bag cages.