Elevator Buckets

PAXAA offers a full range of buckets for belt and chain elevators. Buckets are available in a variaty of sizes and materials or can be purpose designed and manufactured to suit all applications and conveyed products.

Buckets are available made from the following materials:
  • Polyethylene, Nylon or Urethane Buckets
These buckets are suitable for conveying grains, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, salt, sand, chemicals, and a variety of other materials.
Polyethylene is ideal for most applications, while nylon or urethane is recommended for highly abrasive products or extremely high throughput elevators.
  • Ductile Iron or Aluminum Buckets
An industrial duty bucket for handling stone, foundry sand, sand and gravel, coal, fertilizers, clay, salt and many other industrial materials.
Iron is ideal for large, dense, sluggish products or sharp cutting products such as crushed glass. Aluminum is a light weight bucket for nonabrasive products in hot applications (121C to 204C) where nonmetallic buckets can not be used because of the high temperature.
  • Fabricated Steel Buckets
Industrial duty buckets for handling grain, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, salt, sand, chemicals, food products, and a variety of other free flowing materials. Steel is ideal for sharp cutting products such as crushed glass and hot applications (over 135C) where nonmetallic buckets can not be used.
  • Fabricated Steel Continuous Buckets
An industrial duty bucket designed for use on “continuous type” bucket elevators. Runs at slow speed for gentle handling of a wide range of sluggish or fragile materials.