Circular Screen 

Vibratory sieves and separators, also commonly referred to as gyratory separators or screening machines, are a traditional part of processing dry bulk powders. They classify materials by separating them by particle size through  a screen mesh. Using a combination of horizontal and vertical movements, they spread the material over a  screen  in controlled flow patterns and stratify the product.

Working Principle:
The top weight on the motor shaft rotates in a plane close to the center of the mass of assembly, Rotation of the top eccentric weights creates vibration in the horizontal plane which causes material to move across the screen cloth to periphery increasing the top eccentric mass.
The bottom eccentric weight rotates below the center of vibrating, mass creating till on the screen giving vibration in vertical & tangential planes increasing the vertical component of motion which promotes turn over of material on the screen surface helping maximum quantity of undersize material to pass through the screen. The effective vertical motion helps in minimizing blinding of screen by ‘near size' particles. The tangential component of motion is controlled by the angle of lead given to bottom weight with relation to top weight.

The PAXAA circular screens are highly diverse and Tailor-made for customers needs. They can be used for sizing, scalping, reclaiming solids or clarifying liquids. 
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