Internal Pipe Air Blast 

The Air blasting machine is composed of front and back sealed chamber controlled by pneumatic  turning, spray gun and gun control device , gun- carrying car, variable frequency speed regulation walking system, steel pipe rotating system, steel pipe tightening system, automatic loading and unloading system,  shot recovery system by wind force, sand hopper, sandblasting tank, winnowing separator, dedusting system, pneumatic system, compressed air system and electric control system.
The shot blasting machine can automatically load or unload steel pipe, can blast grit automatically to the inner surface of steel pipe. First, open the door of reversal sealed chamber. The automatic loading mechanism can automatically put the steel tube from the storage rack into the working position. The tightening device will hold the steel pipe when it is into the exact position. When the sealed chamber is reversed, the steel pipe will start rotating, gun- carrying car will drag the gun and the inner wall of steel pipe will be sprayed.  Our dedusting system with large air volume can recycle the shots and collect the dust in the steel pipe by wind force. When the cleaning is finished, the valves of shot supplying  and blasting will be closed. The shot blasting system will be out of the pipe cleaned up. The sealed chamber will move outward. The loading system will automatically pull steel tube out. The steel pipe will roll into the discharge platform automatically. This is one operating cycle.

Abrasives with the grain size of 1.00 mm up to 1.50 mm are ideally suited for this shot blasting machine. The use of aluminum-oxide and sand will cause excessive wear and are not recommended.
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