Ladle Preheaters 

Ladle preheaters are designed to remove moisture from ladle refractory to avoid reaction with the liquid metal. Based on size and capacity ladle preheaters can be designed both in Vertical and Horizontal types. In a vertical preheater the burner is position on top of the ladle and it is fired from top toward the bottom. A horizontal preheater on the other hand is designed to fire horizontally. Ladle is positioned opposite the flame direction.
PAXAA’s ladle preheaters are designed to give an efficient and controlled method of preheating to the ladle. An even distribution of heat to the ladle refractory guarantees a suitable lining. Installing appropriate burners guarantees high and uniform temperature in the burner. Burner control system can be designed for fixed set point temperature control or with programmable ramp/soak heating cycles.
PAXXA’s ladle preheaters have the following key features:
  • Remove the refractory moisture content and reduce the lining damage
  • Ensure an even preheating of ladle
  • Minimize the temperature loss of molten metal while in ladle
  • Reduce the formation of skull and dross by pouring metal into a cold ladle
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