Furnace Charging Systems 

Vibratory furnace chargers are an effective method to enhance the charging of the furnace, improving worker safety, and lowering the cost in foundries. A Vibratory furnace charger facilitates rapid and quick charging of the furnace and therefore enhancing the production rate of the furnace. Besides it allows the worker to operate in a safe distance from the furnace and prevents possible injuries due to unexpected splash of molten metal. It also increases the life of the furnace lining by preventing damages due to manual charging of the furnace.
PAXAA’s vibratory furnace chargers are ruggedly designed to suit foundry requirements. These chargers consist of a few main parts namely, hopper, discharge feeder, travel frame and electric control. In the charger’s vibrating system the vibration is generated by two vibratory motors (drive system), a tray to carry the scraps and a set of springs to give the vibration amplitude.
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