Centrifugal Bucket Elevators 

Centrifugal Bucket Elevators are extremely suitable for handling fine, free flowing materials. They have Lower feed point, simpler loading and lesser no. of buckets compared to continuous type. Buckets are on chain or belt and travel at high speeds to effect discharge by centrifugal forces as they pass around the head pulley. The buckets are mounted at intervals on a chain belt.

The elevator belts are normally friction surface belts on, which the buckets are mounted. Buckets normally used are style AA malleable iron buckets. Drive is through shaft mounted gear reducer with built-in back stop, or through geared motors with chain drive. 

  •  PAXAA Bucket Elevator Specifications:

    • Transfer capacity: 8-195 cubic meter per hour
    • Elevation Height: 3-45 meter
    • Linear Velocity: 1.14-1.55 meter per second
    • Body Dimension: 25x89 cm up to 83x161 cm
    • Bucket width: 10-40 cm

  •   100 Series

  • Elevators of this type meet the service requirements of the majority of installations using centrifugal discharge elevators. The head shafts are fixed. The foot shaft takeups are of the screw type. Gravity takeups are available. Buckets are of malleable iron for use on chain or belt. Casings are of steel plate and angle construction.

  •  200 Series

  • These elevators are similar to Type BE100 except that the head shafts are adjustable and the foot shafts are fixed to maintain the relation of buckets to the loading chute and curved bottom plate. They are preferred for handling food products, materials which tend to pack or build up in the bottom of the boot, and for materials having a considerable percentage of lumps.

  •  1400 Series

  • This elevator is designed primarily for cement mill service, but is suited for many other similar abrasive service applications. Their design and rugged construction makes them ideally suited for handling cement, clinker, crushed stone, bauxite, feldspar, gravel, gypsum, roofing granules, sand, shale, etc. They are available in a full range of sizes extending to the very high capacities and lifts

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