Standard Screw Conveyor 

Screw Conveyors form an essential part in the movement of bulk materials. Suitable for a wide range of applications, Screw Conveyors are simple & robust in design, versatile and easily maintained. An standard screw conveyor has several part according to below:

Trough: Fabricated from 3/5 mm steel sheets in standard sizes and lengths or to requirement. Covers supplied with sealing material.
Screw flighting: Segmental flights to standard or special requirements. There are several variation on flights and paddles like: Standard Right hand Screw Conveyors, Double Flight, Mixing Paddies, Paddle Conveyor, Cut & folded, Short Pitch, Variable Pitch, Cut Flights.
Bearings: Flanged type end bearings are sealed for life. intermediate hanger bearings are precision die-cast with suitable inserts.
Drive: Consists of geared motor, chain & Sprockets on a fabricated mounting. Drive arrangement oriented to meet site requirements.
Inlets & Outlets: Made to customers requirements and are factory fitted or assembled at site.

PAXAA is a leading manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment, having provided quality products to industry for years. But more importantly, We provides solutions to your individual material handling problems.
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