Camshell Gate 

PAXXA Clamshell Gates are manufactured with pneumatic actuators as standard. The meshing gears of the clamshell halves are custom designed and cut to suit the size of the gate. Clamshell gates are suited for the unrestricted bulk discharge of bulk materials out of silos and bunkers. In an open position the clams are situated outside the area of material flow thus improving the life cycle of the clamshell due to reduced wear.

The clamshell gate is designed so that most material tends not to push the gates open under normal operating conditions resulting in a "fail safe" gate should air pressure be lost to the pneumatic cylinder. Cylinder mounted limit switches can be fitted as optional extras.

Another variation is hydraulic clamshell with works more slowly and can be used where more control in discharge rate is needed. This hydraulic gate is equipped with accumulator to  assure safe operation in case of power interruption.
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