Overhead Conveyor Shot blast 

The Overhead conveyor or Monorail type machine is designed for automatic efficient shot blasting of Job. The Job is loaded on the Hangers of Over Head Monorail. The Job is loaded from right side & fed in the Blasting Cabinet where it gets blasted inside the chamber. The speed of the Monorail Conveyor Rollers drives (Customers Scope). The cabinet is protected from erosion by LINERS (Hardened wear plates), mounted on the sidewalls, top.

According to the work piece shape  & size, there are two distinct configuration available:

Monorail (Open Loop) Hanger Type
Large & long structures like steel structures, beams, long tripper Tail Door Assembly, Sides Board Assembly, Sub Frame Assembly, Hard Board Assembly, Floor Assembly etc. are fed inline to the machine and travel continuously through the machine. The number of hangers depends on the length of the work piece.

Closed Loop Hanger Type
Smaller work piece and be fed to the machine in continuous manner, There are loading, blasting & unloading stations along the loop. This machine has very high blasting capacity for demanding applications.

To maintain the main assemblies like blast wheels, elevator head section, rotary screen assembly at high level maintenance platform along with hand railing & safety ladders as well as the operators movable stand to blast manually the hung work piece are provided at suitable places. The space occupied by the plant depends upon the length, width & height of the work piece. The economy of the plant solely depends upon the relationship of work productivity i.e. maximum surface preparation areas versus investment & operational cost of the plant.
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