Gas Atomized Scrubbers 

This category of scrubbers includes all scrubbers that atomize the liquid stream by accelerating the gas stream in a restricted throat. The most common gas atomized scrubber include venturi, rod and orifice scrubbers.
Venturi scrubbers
In a typical venturi scrubber, the gas stream enters from the top and passes down the converging section to the throat. The liquor is injected near the throat entrance. The gas stream within the throat atomizes and accelerates the water droplets. The pollutant particles then strike and are encapsulated within these droplets. 
Rod and orifice scrubbers
Two other examples of gas atomized scrubbers are rod and orifice scrubbers. The spaces between the rods in a rod scrubber are where the gas stream is accelerated and where the droplets are atomized. A set of spray nozzles above this deck serve to distribute the liquor evenly across the open area. In an orifice type scrubber, the gas steam is forced through a narrow area underneath a partition. The turning gas stream entrains some of the liquor in a pool beneath the gas inlet. The atomized droplets serve as targets for the particles to strike.
The inspection procedures for rod and orifice type gas atomized scrubbers are similar to those for a standards venturi scrubber. Their operating principles are also similar. 
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