Sintering Equipment 

The sintering procedure for the lining, in an induction furnace, must be followed precisely. Rushing the sinter and dry-out procedure will not allow sufficient time for moisture in the refractory to escape, causing excessive moisture next to the coil which leads to coil arcing or the coil going to ground. A proper sintering procedure ensures the binder in the refractory creates a proper working face.
In the process of sintering the induction furnace, the refractory should be heated in order for the moisture to be removed and avoid reaction with the liquid metal. Based on size and capacity appropriate sintering heaters can be designed.
PAXAA’s sintering equipment are designed to give an efficient and controlled method of heating to the refractory. An even distribution of heat to the refractory guarantees a suitable lining. Installing appropriate burners ensures high and uniform temperature in the refractory. Burner control system provide the operator with a program to sinter the refractory in accordance with the refractory sintering schedule. PAXXA’s sintering equipment features complete removal of the refractory moisture content in an even manner.
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