Baghouse Winterizing Kit 

PAXAA's baghouse winterizing kit protects your baghouse’s pulse valves and compressed air header from snow, ice, and freezing weather - guarding against production interruptions and downtime.

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can cause pulse valves to freeze open or the internal diaphragms to crack; bleeding the compressed air header of the air pressure and air volume required to effectively clean the bags. When bag cleaning air is reduced or interrupted, the dust cake stays on the bag restricting air flow, and system pressure can build to the point where reduced production or plant interruption results.

This can be avoided with IAC’s “WINTERIZING KIT” for pulse jet collectors. Kits are custom-designed for each header/valve assembly, regardless of the original manufacturer. They include an insulated pulse valve enclosure with top-removal quick-release lid(s) for service access, heating element(s), and thermostat control to maintain the header/valve assembly above 32°F. This essentially eliminates the possibility of inclement weather interrupting your baghouse operation.