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PAXAA is a general machinery design and manufacturing company. The name PAXAA stands for Pendare Karamade Sanate Aria. Our activities are mainly focused on six areas: dust collection systems, lifting equipment, size reduction and classifying devices, conveying equipment, surface preparation systems, and heating and melting equipment. PAXAA serves a broad range of customers in different industries.

PAXAA is able to provide its services in two main manners; producing individual machineries and providing complete solutions. PAXAA has the capability to design and manufacture a variety of machineries and devices based on clients’ demands. Our products are outstanding in industry due to high quality and exceptional performance. PAXAA does not only provide machineries, it also offers complete systems and turnkey solutions for customers' industrial demands. We are committed to providing products, services and solutions that increase effectiveness, safety and profitability of your business.

PAXAA has an experienced technical and manufacturing team which guarantee to provide the most advanced and reliable equipment to the customer. A team of innovative engineers are dedicated to developing distinctive solutions for emerging demands using state-of-the-art technologies and well-based infrastructure. PAXAA believes that human resources are the most important asset of every company and therefore focuses on providing a creative and productive work place. 

PAXAA’s years of effective presence in industry has led to production of equipment, services and turnkey solutions for existing and approaching industrial demands. PAXAA strives to achieve best-in-class quality and reliability of performance for all products. Therefore a systematic approach emphasizes quality at every stage of product development through manufacturing. Last but not least, constant feedback from the customers is welcomed and this helps to improve PAXAA products and services.

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