Wall Shot blasting 

PAXAA manufactures portable closed-loop vertical shot blast system for wall blasting & cleaning. This system is very economical, fast & flexible. The final surface of the wall is completely dry, clean, with rough texture.

This operation can be used on steel & concrete. It is usually used for cleaning ship hulls, wall of petroleum tanks, large diameter pipes, etc.

It can be used in closed areas & confined space without risk on operators health & safety. The system use closed loop circulation of abrasive, therefore it is environmental friendly & has no emission. Recycling of the abrasives brings low consumable cost.

Typical methods like chemical, damp-blasting or high pressure hydro-washing  leave the surface wet so further operation needs time for drying process.

Technical Specifications:
Blasting width
580 mm
Blasting speed
2.6-5.2 m/min
Blasting capacity
50-100 m2/hour
Power consumption
30-45 kW
Air requirement
105 liters/min @ 6bar


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