Areas of Use
PAXAA Multicyclone is a highly efficient multicyclone unit that is extra useful where high-degree dust separation is required. The unit can be used for fine or coarse dust as well as with extremely tearing dust types. Suitable areas of use are for cleaning gases from industrial processes such as earth and gravel processing, foundries, steel industries. More ...

The cyclone unit consists of a number of parallel-connected mini cyclones. Fitted at the inlet of each cyclone is an aerodynamically tested jointed blade wheel which initiates a rotary movement in the incoming raw gas. The rotation forces solid particles within the gas outward towards the cyclone mantle, and downward towards the residual dust outlet at the bottom of the cyclone unit. The clean gas flows inwards towards the cyclone centre and passes out through the central piping to the unit outlet. More ...
The upper unit of the dust separator is delivered with the cyclones pre-assembled. The lower unit and the frame are delivered separately, and assembly is conducted on site. The units are delivered without insulation.  More ...

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Inlet Guide Vanes
  • Outlet Tubes
  • Access Doors
  • Outlet Recovery Vanes
  • Dust Expulsion Accessories
  • More...
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